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Viktor Orban on mass migration

“Orban: Globalists Will Use Mass Migration To Replace Europeans and ‘Crush The Will Of The People’”, Breitbart, February 13, 2017: Hungary’s Viktor Orbán believes the globalist establishment will not respond to their defeats in 2016 by reexamining their policies, but by encouraging a wave of mass migration which will “crush the will of the people” and replace… Continue reading Viktor Orban on mass migration

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Marise Payne to meet with General Mattis?

In fairness to Marise Payne, she may be a lovely person, and provide good company in private. But this non- imposing woman, who was confused last year about the role of her job, appears set to meet with the legendary US Secretary of Defense, General James ‘Maddog’ Mattis. From all that we have heard from President Trump,… Continue reading Marise Payne to meet with General Mattis?

Indigenous Australians

Bill Shorten calls for Commonwealth to compensate Stolen Generations

Earlier today, Bill Shorten suggested the Commonwealth provide compensation for victims of the Stolen Generation. Now, as I’ve detailed before, the idea of the Stolen Generations: that white Australians historically ‘stole’ half- caste children away from Indigenous mothers to diminish the Aboriginal race, is totally fictitious. But even if this did occur, and that we can… Continue reading Bill Shorten calls for Commonwealth to compensate Stolen Generations

Malcolm Turnbull

Malcolm Turnbull destroys Bill Shorten

As I’ve made clear in the past, I’m no huge fan of Malcolm Turnbull, and I lost major interest in the Liberal party after he betrayed Tony Abbott to become Prime Minister. However, Turnbull’s demolition job of Shorten is not only entertaining, but when considering the union- controlled, parasitic, disconnected nature of the Labor party, he… Continue reading Malcolm Turnbull destroys Bill Shorten

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Why I’m conservative rather than libertarian

I firmly support the need to emphasize common ground, rather than differences when collaborating with individuals of differing ideologies. So whilst constructive dialogue is important, and I consider parts of conservatism and libertarianism essential to my own ideology, I am first and foremost a conservative person. This is not to state that I am incapable of changing my positions on issues… Continue reading Why I’m conservative rather than libertarian

The Regressive, Elitist, Violent Left

The unwavering intolerance of the Regressive Left

Besides from the criticism of libertarian thinker Milo Yiannopoulus, the following piece is a thought- provoking read. As while we know that individuals making their homosexuality public have historically faced fierce opposition, are there now similar responses towards regressives who shift their viewpoints to conservatism? This question is difficult to answer for certain, however, the comparison made by a millennial,… Continue reading The unwavering intolerance of the Regressive Left

How to stop political Islam

Islamic terrorist stripped of Australian citizenship

Our country has many problems that require solving. Whether it be ice, domestic violence, terrorism, poverty or homelessness, Australia is not without its own problems. And while we are committed to providing humanitarian assistance abroad, there is no need to lavishly treat terrorists who hate the very premise of our country. Therefore, I  commend the first use of some new anti-… Continue reading Islamic terrorist stripped of Australian citizenship