Islamic countries that are 'moderate'

Turkey: Record-Breaking Purge in Academia

“Turkey: Record- Breaking Purge in Academia”, Gatestone Institute, February 16, 2017: Nearly three centuries later — and slightly revising the historian Shelby Foote‘s famous line — “A Turkish university, these days, is a group of buildings around a small library, a mosque and classrooms cleansed of unwanted scholars.” The “Great Turkish Purge” launched by President… Continue reading Turkey: Record-Breaking Purge in Academia

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Indonesian military commander sacked for training Islamic hardliners with soldiers

Allies of Australia should either enhance our key national interests, or share common values and beliefs. Indonesia does neither, so there should be no requirement for future close ties between our two countries. Further, it is contradictory if our government to be intent on fighting terrorism at home, while needlessly collobarating and strengthening sympathisers of… Continue reading Indonesian military commander sacked for training Islamic hardliners with soldiers

Islam in Europe · Islamic countries that are 'moderate'

Turkey in the EU?

In an increasingly Islamized Turkey, the country’s values and belief systems have become diametrically opposed to the West. Whether this be reflected in Turkey’s Islamic State leanings, the crackdown on press freedom, the banning of alcohol and public affection, or Erdogan’s glorious endorsements of past Islamic conquests, Turkey has taken an Islamist dive in recent years.… Continue reading Turkey in the EU?

Islamic countries that are 'moderate'

Mass riots in Indonesia

Our so called ‘moderate’ neighbour Indonesia, has become engulfed in widespread riots, over allegations that the mayor of Jakarta breached sharia blasphemy laws. When will the time come that we call a spade a spade, and recognize this backward, Islamist degeneracy for what is is?  “Indonesia: Thousands rally against blasphemy in Jakarta”, Aljazeera, November 5 2016:… Continue reading Mass riots in Indonesia

Islamic countries that are 'moderate'

Indonesia is both Islamic and a democracy?

As an Australian, I often hear that Indonesia is a ‘democracy’ even by our Western standards, and therefore that subsequent criticism of Islam is unwarranted. However, in all fairness, if this fantasy were indeed true, then maybe it would lessen the negativity that some hold towards Islam. Maybe. Nonetheless, facts suggest that the case for Indonesia… Continue reading Indonesia is both Islamic and a democracy?

Islamic countries that are 'moderate'

Moderate Malaysia?

We hear so much about Malaysia as an Islamic country touted for its moderation. So often, Malaysia’s example serves as reasoning for how Islam and democracy can seamlessly merge, with diversity, tolerance, and equality centre- stage. But these romanticized, idealistic notions about ‘moderate’ Malaysia, bare limited resemblance to the facts. The distasteful reality; virtually unrecognizable to mainstream public discourse, recently reared… Continue reading Moderate Malaysia?