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Yassmin Abdel- Magied and her untold lies

After Yasmmin Abdel- Magied recently came into the public spotlight, an article she wrote in 2014 has resurfaced, which responded to those who supposedly ‘misunderstood Sharia’. Needless to say, her article is abusively dishonest, and completely whitewashes the barbarities of Sharia law. So I will outline Abdel- Magied’s deceptions which were particularly egregious, and then post her… Continue reading Yassmin Abdel- Magied and her untold lies

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Taxpayers billed for Q&A activist Yassmin Abdel-Magied’s grand tour of Islamic regimes

Isn’t it curious how leftist, Islamopologist types naturally gravitate towards leeching off government resources, whilst conservatives generally raise incomes through the private sector? Might this have anything to do with the fact that conservatives maintain a firmer grip on reality and better understand the real world? Regardless, that taxpayers were billed for Yassmin Abdel-Magied tour… Continue reading Taxpayers billed for Q&A activist Yassmin Abdel-Magied’s grand tour of Islamic regimes

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Suspicious behaviour from Australian police

“Video of Australia car attacker: People run for their lives as he screams ‘Alluhu akbar’”, jihadwatch, January 20, 2017: You can hear “Allahu akbar” at :34. Police are trying to suppress a witness account that he said this. Why? The prevailing story is that he was mentally ill. He may indeed be. But being an… Continue reading Suspicious behaviour from Australian police

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The Grand Mufti wants to expand section 18C

One of the great functions of free speech, is to allow for the easy dismantling of bad ideas. As the Grand Mufti is the defending the very, very bad idea of Islam, should we be surprised he wants to restrict free speech? “Grand Mufti warns against watering down hate speech laws”,, January 19, 2017: AUSTRALIA’S Grand… Continue reading The Grand Mufti wants to expand section 18C

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Target’s hijab advertising campaign

Target has recently launched on advertisement campaign, featuring a woman wearing a hijab to promote ideals of ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’.  Or so the story goes. But while I want all people to feel ‘included’ in Australian society, opting to feature a women in oppressive religious garb, is a misleading stunt. This campaign acts to in… Continue reading Target’s hijab advertising campaign

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More controversy with the funding of Islamic schools

“Fahd Islamic school future in doubt after losing funding appeal”,, January 5, 2016: SYDNEY’s biggest Islamic school has been stripped of $19 million a year in federal funding after a tribunal ruled the money had been misused. The Malek Fahd Islamic School, which has 2500 students in three campuses in Greenacre, Beaumont Hills and… Continue reading More controversy with the funding of Islamic schools

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Another day in Melbourne, Australia

Congratulations to our outstanding law enforcement and counter terrorism agencies for detecting this plot. Despite a difficult task, these agencies have performed excellently well in counter terrorism operations during the past few years, and for that we owe a great debt. Other than that, this is only another day for Melbourne, a city of the increasingly… Continue reading Another day in Melbourne, Australia