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Viktor Orban on mass migration

“Orban: Globalists Will Use Mass Migration To Replace Europeans and ‘Crush The Will Of The People’”, Breitbart, February 13, 2017: Hungary’s Viktor Orbán believes the globalist establishment will not respond to their defeats in 2016 by reexamining their policies, but by encouraging a wave of mass migration which will “crush the will of the people” and replace… Continue reading Viktor Orban on mass migration

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Why relative ethnic homogeneity is desirable 

By current multicultural standards, the place of my childhood largely resembled the ‘old Australia’. People who lived in the small town were overwhelmingly of British heritage, whilst a sizeable part of the population was Aboriginal. There were some immigrants in the town, however virtually all of them hailed from Anglosphere nations. I enjoyed a great childhood, but if… Continue reading Why relative ethnic homogeneity is desirable 

Immigration/ Multiculturalism

Why the Left is dishonest on immigration 

There are some conservatives especially on the so called ‘alt right’, that oppose all non- white immigration. Personally, I dispute this belief, as I agree that different ethnic groups; particularly the Vietnamese and other comparably hard working people, have offered valuable cultural and economic benefits to this country. I do take enjoyment in some Asian… Continue reading Why the Left is dishonest on immigration 

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Muhammed edges out gospel choices for the first time

How wonderfully multicultural are we. For the first time in Australia’s history, NSW babies are more likely to be ascribed different spellings of the name Muhammed, than traditional names such as Max, Michael and Matthew. The political establishment often claims that the very ‘fabric’ of our nation is built on multiculturalism. But is it really a sign of… Continue reading Muhammed edges out gospel choices for the first time

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The truth isn’t always pretty

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has again said something right about Australian refugee policy, and once more this has upset the cultural elite. Speaking on Sky News to Andrew Bolt, Peter Dutton linked refugee policies taken in the 1970’s, to the problems Australia is currently experiencing with foreign fighters. “The reality is Malcolm Fraser did make mistakes in bringing… Continue reading The truth isn’t always pretty

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The impacts of immigration

Increasingly, the debate over immigration is becoming divided along nativist and globalist lines. Whereas the globalists seek to place the interests of newcomers and outsiders first, the nativists instead aim to prioritize the existing inhabitants of their country. And should the right focus on championing the needs of the Australian people (in a similar fashion to Donald Trump’s… Continue reading The impacts of immigration

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Australian housing prices: what we’re not hearing

We hear a lot these days about the unaffordable nature of Australia’s housing market. Despite wage increases, housing is becoming further and further out of reach for young and upcoming Australians. To counter this ongoing rise in housing prices, Labor took a policy of changing laws regarding negative gearing to the last election, and has continues… Continue reading Australian housing prices: what we’re not hearing